Turn your audience into a community

Customizable comment sections that will build a community based around your product.

Community being built

Breathe life into your product and engage your audience

Create custom comment sections that match the theme of your product. Integrate your users into your community.

Custom layout line

Custom colors line

Custom fonts

Build a strong and active community

Tick Connect users to the Commenze Network

Tick Cross-site notifications

Tick Simple authentication

Tick Social media login options

Commenze Network authentication and notifications

Moderation has never been easier

Let our powerful auto-moderation tools take care of troll users and spam comments. Use our custom moderation tools to handle certain users on your own.

Tick Shadow banning

Tick User moderators

Tick Locked threads

Tick Automatic spam detection

It's simple & easy. Get started now.

Add a comment section to your site in minutes with 2 simple steps.


Add your site

Adding your site takes 2 seconds. Simply go here and input your sites URL, then click 'Add Site'.


Install on your site

Simply add 3 lines of code to any page you wish a comment section to appear.



Customize your theme

Start editing your comment sections theme using our simple Design & Layout Editor.