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Full customization

Customize the amount of comments to load, the depth replies can go to and much more.

Moderation Tools

Easily moderate your comment sections using our admin dashboard.

Automatic Spam Detection

Using state of the art spam detection your comment sections will remain clean from clutter.

Cross Site Notifications

User's will get notifications even when they are on a different site with Commenze installed.

Email Notifications

Send emails for notifications to bring users back to your site and continue the conversation.

User Moderators

Promote your trusted users to moderate your comment sections.

Profanity Filter

Choose to block profanity from your users comments.

Shadow Banning

Shadow ban troublesome users so they don't know they're banned.

Single Sign On

Sign your users in through your own authentication.

Social Sign In

Streamline the signing in process by letting users sign in through Facebook, Twitter, Google and more.

Locked Threads

Lock a thread if things get out of control.

Archived Threads

Automatically archive threads after a specified amount of time.

Fully custom themes without any code

Using our advanced drag and drop no-code editor, you can customize the look and feel of your comment sections to integrate seamlessly with your site.

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Theme 2 example

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Install in 1 click with our Wordpress plugin

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Manually add a comment section to your site in minutes with 2 simple steps.

1. Add your site

Adding your site takes 2 seconds. Simply go here and input your sites URL, then click 'Add Site'.

2. Install on your site

Simply add 3 lines of code to any page you wish a comment section to appear.


3. Customize your theme

Start editing your comment sections theme using our simple drag & drop editor.